Benjamin L. West


REdefining Native american art through photography & Digital Imagery

Explore Benjamin L. West's contemporary photography that captures the present-day narrative of Native Americans, transcending antiquated perceptions with vibrant, modern artwork.

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Artistic Philosophy and Inspiration

Blending Traditions with Contemporary Vision

Benjamin L. West's artistry in photography and digital art is a dynamic interplay between his rich Native American heritage and a bold contemporary vision. As a self-taught artist, Benjamin has developed a unique style that not only honors traditional Native American art but also infuses it with modern techniques and perspectives. 

His work is a testament to the living, breathing culture of Native Americans today, challenging outdated perceptions and showcasing the vibrant continuity of his people's legacy. Each piece he creates is a dialogue between the past and the present, a visual narrative that speaks volumes about the resilience and evolution of Native American culture.

His unique perspective, rooted in his Southern Cheyenne, Creek, and Otoe-Missouria Native American tribal heritage, brings forward a vivid and contemporary narrative of Native Americans. 

His work is a blend of tradition and innovation that challenges and redefines the norms of Native American artistry.

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Engagement and Commissioning

Connect with the Art, Commission the Artist

Benjamin's artwork gallery is a testament to his versatility and depth as a Native American photographer and digital artist. We invite you to delve into this visual journey in the 'Gallery' section, where each piece tells its own unique story. For those inspired by Benjamin's vision and seeking to commission original, one-of-kind or limited artwork or photography services, detailed information is available on the 'Services' page. Benjamin's art is not just to be viewed; it's an experience to be part of.

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Commission Your Unique Piece or Own a Part of History

Elevate your space with the unique presence of Benjamin L. West's contemporary Native American artwork. Whether seeking a custom commission that reflects your vision or desiring to own a piece of Native American photography, Benjamin’s creations are more than just art—they're stories waiting to be part of your world. Reach out today to begin your journey with a personalized artwork or explore available pieces ready to find their new home. Embrace the opportunity to carry forward the rich narrative of Native American culture with a piece from Benjamin L. West.

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